Facts & Details
An homage to spectacles manufactories from the 1950s: Timeless classic retro shapes meet traditional production techniques and merge into an absolutely up-to-date lifestyle line underlining the individual casual look of modern bon vivants.

As a real Old School statement, feminine Cat-Eyes, roundish Pantos or masculine square lenses are equipped with elaborately crafted rivet hinges and a metal logo plate.

The vintage look is additionally stressed by hints to the Hippie era while the large and low lenses in a „Kissed by the 70s“ style show delicate and thin rims, which translate their look into modern times.

Besides acetate and stainless steel titanium again becomes important – the highest level quality material for frames: feather light, corrosion resistant and anti-allergic. To add further sophistication the front is complexly milled out of one piece and equipped with a high-grade spring hinge.

Colour wise translucent horn structures in grey, green and brown are key. Some models show highlight tones on the inner temples for beautiful contrasts. Horizontal or vertical colour gradients as well as a new two-tone effect with subtle nuances meeting trendy pastels are absolutely up-to-date. A black frame is classic intellectual, that special something is added by a bright colour on the inside – casual, unconventional and urban.

Qualities: Acetate – Stainless Steel – Titanium

Colours: Grey – Green – Brown – Black


Facts & Details
Individual and authentic – the Marc O’Polo sunglasses in spring/summer 2013 are reminiscent of the craftsmanship from earlier decades. The retro charm is maintained, but interpreted in a contemporary way through new colours and modern details.

Form follows function: A crystal-clear frame exposes the artfully manufactured functional parts such as metal rivets or hinges that otherwise are being hidden or concealed. This transparency is not only an absolute trend – it becomes a true style element.

The “prototype” of all frames – created in the 20s to become an icon in the 70s, through John Lennon for instance – was reissued as a further tribute to the Old School. Classic Aviators that were developed during the 40s to optimally protect pilots from sunlight as well as oval, square or Panto shapes remain up to date – for a cool vintage appeal.

Besides translucent acetate in grey, green, brown and orange stainless steel continues being the core material of the Eyewear Sun collection. An elaborately worked metal logo with silhouetted letters worked into the temples adds a further essentially precious touch.

Tradition meets Style – the Marc O’Polo sunglasses perfectly match the modern Bohemians’ urban lifestyle while radiating understatement and elegance at the same time.

Qualities: Acetate – Stainless Steel

Colours: Grey – Blue – Green – Brown – Orange – Havanna – Horn Shades and Structures



The new Marc O'Polo Eyewear collection will be available at your Marc O'Polo optician.